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June 2023, 5 Units of Cummins Generators work for Hospital in the PHILIPPINES


April 2019, 4 Units of Cummins Generators work for Factory in SOUTH AMERICA


August 2020, Cummins generator for Buildings in Caribbean Countries

perkins 2000kvs

2023, 2000KVA Perkins Generators Open Type for Grid Project Use

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2023, 5 Units 24 Hours Continuous Power Cummins Generators for Planting in Thailand

6ktaa25 g320 sdec 1000kva generator set (1)

2023, 10 Units Customized SDEC Generators for Russia Use

Authority Certificates—Quality Guarantee

Passed CE certificate and meets ISO 9001:2008 standard


Always Standby for YOU

Increase Your Productivity

Customized generator set based on your equipment status

24 hours continuous power provider

Auto Transfer Switch to ensure the continuous operation of your equipment when mains power failure

Win the Bid

Analysis of the bidding documents, our competitiveness, prepare all the documents needed in time 

365/24/7 standby

Help you get the bidding

Award Winning Diesel Generator Set

Got good ratings from more than 20 countries, and the sales keep counting…

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All Generator Sets are manufactured strictly according to the CE standards to 2006/42/EC, EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:2018, EN ISO 8528-13:2016 with more than 20 years of experience.

If needed, our R&D team will design the customized diesel generator sets based on your real demand.

We Provided, 20 Sets of Cummins Generators for the Thailand Government, 150 Sets of Perkins Generator Sets for African Bidding Projects, and 3 sets of 1500KVA Cummins Generators for Philippine Hospitals in two months.

Can’t wait to start win-win cooperation with YOU now.

Fast Delivery in 10 DAYS

Our multi-model engine inventory and the standardized production system process your order efficiently and quickly.

Worldwide Aftersales Service 24/7

Always Trusted

What Our Proud Clients Say About Us

The generator is working fabulously with perfect quality, very quiet in my factory. I would like to deal again and again excellent in all respect.

Kingenerator and my company together win the bidding with 100 sets of Perkins generators. That helps my company increase in the hard year 2021.

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